Marcos Mayo



Marcos Mayo started his career in a lab coat “trying not to make things explode” in the research and development department of a petrochemicals company in Spain.

Adapting to consulting’s hypothesis driven mindset felt natural after this. Marcos soon discovered it also allowed him to give back, a life purpose for him, and contribute in a different way. “It’s two-fold. I’m able to help clients solve their most challenging problems, like how to build capability – whether that’s inside an organization or within the wider economy. But I also get to give my teams the same development opportunities I had, and that is a huge driver.”

Marcos has gained extensive experience in the GCC, Europe and North America, where he supports organizations in the oil and gas, petrochemicals and public sectors. He is widely recognized as a leading expert on supply management, and enjoys helping clients transform their procurement and supply chain capabilities.

He also spends a lot of his time working with companies and governments in local content development, helping them localize manufacturing capabilities to create employment opportunities, and build more diversified and resilient economies. “I feel privileged to be part of the phenomenal transformation journey GCC economies are going through