Enabling Supply Chain collaborations in a changing world

by: Ibrahim Bin Dayel & Patrick Hore

How Rail can become the backbone in supply chain in GGC

by: Mirko Pahl

Future competitive supply chains – Evolving business models and portfolios

by: Sachin Halbe

Case Study: Advancing sustainability through supply chain

by: Marina Surzhenko

Making supply-chain decarbonization a reality

by: Arun Bruce

Impact of geopolitics on supply chains

by: Raveen Guliani

Harnessing the “Trade Tech” Potential

by: Sushil Krishna Srinivasan

Digital Technology Adoption in GCC Chemical Supply Chains

by: Noora Mukhtar

Case study: Logistics optimization in the petrochemical industry

by: Nadeem A. Khan

Regional Regulatory changes: How is EHSS&Q* evolving ?

by: Hasso Marggraff

IMO’s Plastic Pellets DG Classification Proposal

by: Udit Arora

Closing remarks

by: Dr. Abdulwahab Al Sadoun