We are in a world that is deglobalizing, economically challenging and with a greater complexity in business needs than ever before. There will always be disruptions impacting the supply chain, whether from climate change, labor and supply shortages, energy supply, cybersecurity, rising protectionism and geo-politics, inflation or any other inevitable yet unpredictable events.

Agile and resilient supply chains are key enablers of commerce, and essential for organizations to create a competitive advantage. Our ability to navigate through constant disruptions while managing risk and maximizing rewards has elevated the importance of supply chains. All these factors are driving reconfiguration, reshoring and digitization in global supply chains.

Supply chain leaders have the power to profitably deliver in times of unprecedented stress and volatility. They are required to make connected, contextual and continuous decisions. They increasingly rely on digital technologies to help make informed decisions for many different business objectives, including recovering from disruptions, enhancing customer experience, meeting increasingly stringent sustainability imperatives, and cost optimization.

The two days of strategic and engaging discussions will focus on insights, strategies and frameworks for supply chain leaders to drive real impact within their businesses.  Addressing a wide range of topics varying from developing agile and resilient supply chain strategies, to prioritizing technology investments to achieve objectives and how supply chain leaders can gain an edge on complexity.

GPCA Supply Chain Conference 2022 Highlights