Yahya Al Marzooqi

Sr. Advisor to the CEO, Borouge

Yahya Al Marzooqi is a seasoned well rounded professional in Human Capital Development, with particular emphasis on leadership development, talent management and Emiratization. He is passionate about employees’ engagement through creating a performance driven culture based on values and principles.

He believes that when people can link the corporate values to their own values and principles, they will behave in a totally different manner, which will lead to a culture based on trust, empowerment, transparency and performance, which are the key ingredients to organizational future sustainability and profitability.

He is also passionate about communication, were he has led many events around the world promoting organizations to success, by using the laws of attraction.

He has many studies in human behavior in an attempt to understand people’s reactions, the way to rejuvenate positive thinking and a positive work-life balance. Those attempts are regularly published online, especially on LinkedIn.

He is a true believer that the more we share knowledge, the better the world becomes, because knowledge is the future. His slogan has always been “the mind is like a parachute, it functions only when it is open”.

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