Rana Basu

Director Energy and Consulting, ConsenSys

Rana is a blockchain evangelist and commodities trading risk management and systems
expert for the oil, petrochemicals and chemicals trading and logistics space. In the last 20
years, he has been responsible for the controls, processes and systems providing risk
management capabilities for various market participants from oil majors, trading companies,
refiners, service providers, to banks and hedge funds in the liquid hydrocarbons space.
He is now working on engaging the benefits of emerging technologies such as blockchain
and IIoTs in the hydrocarbon logistics sector and an organizational readiness toolkit to
enable enterprise adoption of these technologies. In the theme of 'Forging ties, Driving
growth', Blockchain technologies present a unique opportunity for innovation with a purpose,
to enable trust between companies, regulators, service providers and balance human needs
with the responsible use of increasingly scarce and critical resources. Rana shares a vision
with many here at this event today, to pragmatically combine emerging technologies, to
improve efficiencies in many use cases and will speak to the logistics and trade finance use
case today.

Speaker's Session

Blockchain Adoption for Enterprise: An Organizational Readiness Toolkit

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